Thursday, June 14, 2012

Busy, but not so much

Busy. We make it look that way!

School is out for three of the four of us.

The oldest will be in Oklahoma all summer putting his civil engineering edumacation to work building bridges. He has only been at it this week, but seems to be really enjoying it. He hasn't made it out into the hot Oklahoma sun to physically work, so we'll see if his tune changes. He id djust get back from Air Assault school where he passed with (flying?) colors. It is one of the hardest schools the Army has and people get sent home for little things. We are so proud of him!

The youngest is busy with camps. He helped with a Cub Scout camp last weekend. This weekend he is going to go through his Ordeal to get into the Order of the Arrow. The OA is an honor society within the Boy Scouts. He was the only one of his Troop to get elected into it this year. Now if he can just keep quiet for 24 hours, he should be good to go! (They go to the Scout camp to clean it up for the summer camps, but the kids can't talk during the Ordeal. We wish him luck with that.) Next month he goes to church camp for a week, home a week, and then back to the Scout camp for a week. He also had his piano recital last Sunday and rocked it (of course). :)

The husband is busy being busy. He keeps the house in liveable shape while I'm at work. Dishes, laundry, yard if I could only get him to cook! He's looking at running for a county superintendent position. That would be sweet. We just have to get a bunch of signatures to get him on the ballot.

I've just been doing what I do so well. Working, reading, and just being awesome.

The water heater sprang a leak last Wednesday and partially flooded the utility room. Sweet. We kept the leaky water mostly under control until we could get a new heater put in on Monday. So my nerves were shot over that.

So that's that.