Thursday, July 30, 2009


We never really encouraged The Boy to ride his bike when we lived in Oklahoma because we lived in the country and there wasn't many places to ride to.

When we moved here to Iowa, we moved into town (the edge of town, but still in town). We told him he needed to learn to ride so he could ride to the pool and to school and wherever else he wanted to go.

No such luck.

It just wasn't happening.

We encouraged, we bribed, we paid his older brother to teach him. Nothing. He wasn't interested. He whined, he cried, he was frustrated. He just didn't want to learn. He could sorta go once the bike was in motion, but the starting off part was giving him fits.

A couple of weeks ago, I told him if he wanted to go to the pool, he could walk or ride his bike. I was tired of driving 10 blocks when he could manage to get there on his own.

He walked.

A cousin was visiting from Colorado and asked him to go bike riding. He told him his bike was in storage. (Funny, but LIAR!)

Then, two nights ago, the girl from across the street asked him to go on a bike ride. He got his bike "out of storage" and off they went. He explained to her that he was still learning and she was very patient with him. They made a couple of trips around the block.

Yesterday, he rode to a friend's house.

A little while ago, he told me about seeing the goats today. I asked him, "What goats?" He said the ones by the nursing home.

"How did you get there?"

"I rode my bike."

He rode to the other side of town!

I'm so proud of him.

(And relieved.)

Monday, July 27, 2009

99.9% Finished

Remember this?

Take a look now!

And these?


We just need to do some paint touch-up, sweep, put some sealer on the floor and hang the shower curtain.

We managed to somehow lose the fancy, matchy-matchy curtain rings we bought so we have some cheapo plastic ones for now. Plus, the curtain I ordered online is 100% cotton and, as John Travolta said in the movie "Hairspray", "I need to do some arnin."

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit up


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stuff and such

They filled the tub today to make sure there were no leaks! I got too much a little excited.


You Are an Ice Cream Sandwich

You are well grounded, reliable, and very balanced.

You love to work hard, but you also know how to take it easy.

People might be surprised to know you have a very goofy side to you.

You like to let loose and have fun. You just don't let yourself go too crazy!

Monday, July 13, 2009

More demolition

I didn't mind the color.

Except for this. The photo doesn't do it justice. 1950s diner laminate with gold flakes.

Hey, hey, hey. Goodbye.

Let the fun begin!

It was...

Now it is...

Thursday, July 02, 2009

What we did on our summer vacay. Part Uno

We took someone to Scout Camp.

He got to climb the rock wall.

We went camping. This is our hovel.

This was my view for a lot of the time.

These are my new shoes that are really comfortable. Guess what my sunburn looked like. (I say "looked like" because it is already fading. I'm destined to be pasty.)

We had fun with The Commander.

Someone relaxed at the amusement park.

Someone else pretended to throw up at the amusement park. Another someone was not amused.

This was amusing. He didn't want to do it. I made him. Heh.

We tried to ride on the Queen for three days, but the wind was blowing 847,000 miles per hour so she wasn't going out. We have season passes to the amusement park and the Queen so we can go back any time, but still...

We took someone to Church Camp. This is when he realized he had forgotten his swim goggles back at the RV.

He soon forgot about that and was having fun.

We did a lot of other stuff (Like horseback riding!I found out 30 minutes is my limit in the saddle.), but I kept forgetting my camera.

The cobbler's children have no shoes.