Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good Stuff, Maynard

(The following is an unpaid product review. Although, if World Harbor, Inc. felt the need to reimburse me with, say a case or two of their products, I wouldn't turn it down. I'm just sayin')

Have you girls tried World Harbors Buccaneer Blend BBQ Sauce? Well, you should. It is *so* good.

Recently, I snuck some of their Apple Maple sauce on some steaks The Commander was grilling. Now if you know The Commander, you would know that his is severely adverse to fruit any where near meat (Are you listening Ursula?), but he liked it! As a matter of fact, I bought him some New York Strip Steaks for supper tonight and he asked for the sauce!

The Apple Maple sauce smells exactly like Bloody Mary Mix. (Um, or so I've heard.) But it doesn't taste like it (If I knew what it tasted like, that is.) (Heheheheh) It has a little bit of apple taste. Just a bit, not overpowering. The Boy even liked it!

Anywho...go get some and try it. This bottle is almost empty, but I have a bottle of Honey Mango in the coat closet pantry waiting its turn.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Good Gravy

I'm tired.

We have guests here from back home and every since they pulled up in the drive last night, we have been running.

We went to Minnesota last night for pizza The Commander things is the Best Pizza Evah, went to the park beside one of the local lakes and then went to the Dairy Freeze and had some crazy delicious ice cream.

This morning, I got up early and made pancakes and bacon for everyone. Then we headed out to the Iowa Great Lakes! We ate on the deck at a restaurant that looks out over the lakes, went and rode a tour boat around the lakes, drove to *another* lake and looked at a cabin that is for sale (crazy expensive, but a great location) (just looking, not buying). We made it back home and The Commander started cooking supper while the rest of us went to the Aquatic Center for a swim.

After supper, The Commander took his friend and The Boy and headed out to go to THE FASTEST 1/2 MILE HIGH BANKED DIRT TRACK IN THE MIDWEST-west-west-west while Friend's wife and daughter stayed home with me to lounge in the recliners and read magazines.

I'm so ready for bed.

Night, night.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

How Sweet

The doorbell rang a little bit ago and when The Boy and I opened the door, we saw three little girls standing there, looking all cute and everything, wanting to know if he could come out and play.

He looked back at me and I gave him the go ahead. He turned back to the girls and told them he would be right out, he just had to get his shoes on. When he turned back around to go get his shoes, I heard him say under his breath, "Cool."

I'm sure in a few years, this won't be quite as sweet. It will be a little nerve racking.


In other news...we are going to Minneapolis this weekend. Yippee. We are going to the Science Museum and the Mall of America. And who knows what else. It will be so fun.

Now I just have to finish the laundry and pack.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm tired of hearing about poor, poor Christie Brinkley

How come no one is bothering to mention the fact that she cheated on Billy Joel? Sure they mentioned the helicopter crash, but they don't mention the fact that she was on the chopper with HER LOVER? Just a little while after the crash is when she and Billy separated.

Karma's a beyotch isn't she?

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Woooooo! How's everybody? We are still trying to regroup after the 4th. The Commander's family reunion was the 4th and 5th and it just about wore us out.

Things are slowly getting somewhat normal here. We can see the light at the end of the moving boxes! Trouble is, we have no place to put it all! I'm gonna have to cull (shout out to my cattle friends!) a lot of clothes in my closet. It is packed full and I haven't even found my winter clothes yet.

We have been trying to schedule time to attend all of the festivals and county fairs around here. We missed the Ice Cream Days (Blue Bunny), but this weekend is the Chocolate Festival. I'm not missing that one. The fairs start up in a couple of weeks. Hopefully we can make it to at least two. I need my funnel cake fix. Bonus if they have Pineapple Whip.


They are installing a fence here as we speak!

I've got to go sign up at the ladies' gym here. If I don't have to get up and walk the dogs, I may need to make it up somewhere else. So far, knock wood, I have lost 2 1/2 pounds. Not much for a month, but it is something. We try to walk at night, but we haven't been diligent about it.

My friend, V, says his tummy is shrinking since I am not down there to feed him. I was teasing The Commander last night saying he is getting V's tummy since I am feeding him all of the time now. Except I am feeding him meals instead of Ding Dongs, Sausage Croissandwiches, caramel corn etc. Stuff like chicken pot pie, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, fall brats with German potato salad, rhubarb pudding, and other goodness.


It is almost 10am so I guess I'll go get in the shower. This SAHM is tough. I need a schedule. The only one I have now is getting up and walking the dogs. And Merv Griffin's Crosswords game show at 2 and 2:30.