Monday, August 22, 2005


I'm trying to check the boy's e-mail (which I haven't checked in ages) and I totally forgot his password. I click on "Forgot Password?" and this is what I get. (I edited out the provider's name.)

"Need Your Password?

Send an email to password@****.com. You will receive a response in one business day. If you write from a non-**** email address, we ask that you supply us with your **** username and your 4-digit PIN for verification purposes. If you are a **** Platinum member you may choose instead to provide us with the last 4 digits of the credit card to which you bill your **** account. If you paid by check or money order, you will need to provide your Platinum account number for verification.

If you don't have a PIN and would like to create one, click here. Please note, however, that you will need your password to create one."

Sooooo let me get this straight. I can't use a different provider's account to access my password unless I have a 4-digit PIN, but yet I can't get a 4-digit PIN unless I have my password...

Good Lord people. That makes no sense what-so-ever!

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