Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Call it what it is.

Tiny little peeve of mine. It is called Thanksgiving not Turkey Day. Why do you insist on calling it Turkey Day? Stop it.

So what are you doing on Thanksgiving?

I'm making my famous Butterfinger Cookies and broccoli-cheese casserole and driving about an hour to my cousin's house for lunch. Then I'm going to load up and rush back to the house to make another broccoli-cheese casserole to take to a friend's house for supper.

My favorite Thanksgiving foods? Stuffing with cranberry sauce. I could just eat a plate of it. Sweet potatoes with marshmallows and pecans. Warm rolls. Pie. mmmmmmmm

So a shout out to my family in Texas. One to my interweb buddy Garrison. And one big one to all of my Peeps!

By the way, it is puhcahnz not pee-cans. A pee-can is what you use when you are out camping and you don't want to get up in the middle of the night and walk into the woods to pee.


  1. Stacie3:06 PM

    Roflmao...what about pawcon..hehe.
    I'm just ready to go out and watch for deer.

  2. Uhm, what kind of pie??? ;)

    My mouth is watering already.


  3. Hope you don't mind, cuz, but I made your famous butterfinger cookies for tomorrow here in Texas! There Great!....I even made a couple of puhcawn pies too...have a great Thanksgiving and tell the family I said Hello!! Love to All Donnice Donnice Donnice

  4. I call it Turkey Day because I like to annoy people. :snort:

    I'd make that pie, but alas, all the Halloween Butterfingers have mysteriously disappeared.

    I'll be over for that broccoli cheese casserole about 2.

    Have a great Thanksgiving Day. ;)

  5. I have to say I agree with both of your pet peeves.

    Hope you had a wonderful Turk--I mean Thanksgiving day. ;)