Friday, December 16, 2005

Why I love my stepson.

Matt had to be at orchestra practice at 0700. This means I had to get up at 0600. (In civilian terms - WAY THE HELL EARLIER THAN I LIKE TO GET UP.)

5:51am - my alarm goes off, snooze
5:53am - his alarm goes off, snooze

6:00am - my alarm goes off, snooze
6:02am - his alarm goes off, snooze

6:09am - my alarm goes off, lay there
6:11am - his alarm goes off, snooze

6:11am - get up, go to his room, open door, "Matt! Get up."
6:11am - mmmmurrfmmmm

6:12am - go downstairs, let dog out, feed cat, get doughnuts and milk ready for Matt.
6:12am - nothing

6:13am - watch weather, gather crap that needs to leave the house with us, ie - backpacks, shoes, etc.
6:13am - nothing

6:20am - go upstairs, open his door, yell "MATT! GET UP!"
6:20am - mmmmmuurrrffmmm

6:20am - brush teeth, get dressed, wake Chris, tell him to get dressed, go downstairs, and not eat Matt's doughnuts
6:20am - staggers to bathroom

6:30am - knock on bathroom door, yell, "TEN MINUTES!"
6:30am - mumbles, "okay"

6:40am - sitting in family room waiting
6:40am - still upstairs

6:45am - waiting still yet
6:45am - finally comes down, starts wolfing down doughnuts and milk

6:47am - says, "Put on your shoes and get in the car", loads car with other boy and crap to take with us, starts car and backs it out of garage.
6:47am - still in house

6:55am - says a few choice words and bursts back into the house
6:55am - no where to be seen

6:56am - yell upstairs, "MATT! GET IN THE CAR!"
6:56am - spits out toothpaste, "okay"

6:57am - stands fuming in family room
6:57am - comes downstairs, "Did you get my phone?"

6:57am - head spinning, snaps, "Get your shoes on, I will look for your phone.", goes upstairs, pushes stacks of crap back from edge of bed and nightstand, finds phone under bed
6:57am - putting on shoes

6:58am - everyone in car and makes it to school in record time

7:05am - return home and start regular morning routine

7:10am - take blood pressure medicine

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  1. You are a saint! Hope Matt appreciates you.. I'm sure he does.