Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Flush that idea.

The Boy's class has a stuffed bear that each of the kids gets to take home and do who knows what with it. Yesterday they were naming the bear.

Me - How was your day?
Boy - It was okay, but I got upset.
Me - Why?
Boy - When we were naming the bear, everyone laughed at me.
Me - Why?
Boy - They laughed at the name I wanted.
Me - What was it?
Boy - Meteor, The Toughest Bear.
Me - That's a cool name. What were some of the other names?
Boy - Beary, Zach and Cody.
Me - Well, I like Meteor. What did y'all end up naming him?
Boy - Beary.
Me - When you bring him home, we'll call him Meteor. That is a much better name than Beary.
Boy - Okay.

Attention First Graders! Have some imagination! Beary? Seriously? Gag. Meteor, The Toughest Bear is *so* much better. And stop laughing at my kid. I'll use the stink eye on you.

During Meteor's home visits, each kid has to bring a photo to school of him doing something.

The Boy's suggestion? "You know my bank that looks like a toilet? Can we sit him on there and take a small piece of paper and make it look like a newspaper and take a picture of that to take to school?"

Me - (Sure!) Uh...probably not. Some people don't really care for toilet humor. So maybe we can do that and take a photo for us, but send a different one to school.

See First Graders?! Imagination. You all have one. Use it.


  1. I think I love that kid.

  2. Yeah, his imagination rocks. (Of course the toilet humor he gets from me and my Dad.)

  3. Stacie8:37 PM

    Oh man, that's great! It would be so hard not to send the toilet pic though...just out of spite. I love it anyhow!!
    OH by the way...it's a girl!!