Monday, March 17, 2008

Puttin' the foot down.

The Boy has had this bad habit of saying "Fine!" every time he doesn't get his way. As in "Boy, pick up your shoes and put them where they are supposed to be." "Just a minute." "No, now." "Fine!" The way he says it though, makes me fill in the blank afterward. "Fine! (I'll do it, but only because you are my Mom and you have the power! Sneer.)"

I finally had it. Up to where? Here! So I told him every time he said "Fine!", he lost 25 cents of his allowance. Zoinks!

He then started to say, "All right!" as in "All right! (I'll do it, but I would rather be saying, "Fine!" Sneer.)"

That got old real quick. So guess what this mean old Mom did? I told him from now on, he is to say, "Yes Ma'am."


Oooooooo, how he hates that.


  1. We've been having some of the same with Jason. Thanks for the reminder that HE needs a reminder to say Yes ma'am and yes sir instead. :)

  2. I believe your son should meet Gameboy. They sound like they are both FINE!