Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our new debt.

Let me show you it.

(This is not the exact RV motorhome coach we purchased. By the time we paid for it, ate lunch and drove an hour back home, they had taken everything down off of the web. And since we don't take possession of it until the middle of February and I didn't take any photos of it at the dealership (because it was online!), I pilfered these from some other RV dealer. This is the same year, make and model.)


The previous owners were from Oklahoma at some point and had (for whatever reason) the Trail of Tears "End of the Trail" image painted on either side. Like this, but more gaudy. The Commander says it has to go. I think it stands out.


Since the model is a Brave, I am going to call it Chipper Jones. The Commander isn't gonna call it anything. Party pooper.


So if you need me this summer, I'll be at the lake. Come visit. I'll fold the table into a bed for you.

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  1. So - inquiring minds are dying to know - how do open bottle & other dwi rules & laws apply when you're driving your vacation home around? Our vacation home is "well stocked" so if we put wheels on it I think we'd brake about 10 million laws.

    Congrats on the debt ;)