Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oh my word.

I told The Boy to make sure all of his dirty clothes were in his clothes hamper so I could get all of the laundry finished today.

Later, as I was hanging the light clothes out on the clothes line (the feed lot isn't smelly today), I said to myself, "Hmmm. There aren't any of his shirts in this load. They must me all in the dark bunch."


When I went into his room to get hangers, they there were. Still hanging out in his clothes hamper. Right where I told him to put them.


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  1. We have a laundry policy in place which requires the children (boy and girl) to deliver their filled hampers & hangers to the laundry room when I tell them that I am doing laundry. If they fail to do so - well - they can either wear dirty clothes or go naked. Their choice :)

    Worst case scenario they might try to wash something on their own.

    Actually, since instituting this policy one child has only messed up once and been forced to wear clothes that were not favorites. Wanna guess which one?