Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spooky and Annoying

So there is this broom in Prattville, Alabama that stands on its own.

The video swept (pun intended) across the country! Pretty creepy, right?

But then I walked passed my kitchen last night and saw this -


The Boy did this. It was pretty impressive. He took it down and stood it up a few times just to show me how he had balanced it. I told him to take it closer to the stove to see if it would balance in a different area. IT WOULDN'T BALANCE THERE!

OOOOOooooOOOoOOO Even creepier when it is in your own house.

Hey TV stations! Come see us and bring your cameras!


In other news...Cooper wants to know what's up with little sisters and can we send this one back?


  1. Poor Coop needs to learn how to pounce back! LOL! (When we had our animals, the cat would whomp the dog, take off running, and the dog would either look shocked like "what just happened?" or pounce back. It was hilarious!)

    That broom needs to learn how to sweep by itself. (Honestly, I think it's just a broom thing...I saw that video too when it first came out and still think it's baloney.)

  2. The broom thing IS totally baloney. My friend in Colorado decided there needed to be a sarcasm font. I could have totally used it on this post.

    But still, it is pretty cool.

    Cooper has growled at her a few times when she gets really annoying, but he's a kind soul and puts up with most of it.

    Ooooooo. I just heard him growl at her and the husband tell him, "You let her know!"

  3. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Reminds me of the "Vortex" tourist traps.

    Mr. Motorcycle

  4. Wait! What? You mean the Cosmos area in the Black Hills is a tourist trap?! Damn. There went my hard earned cash.

  5. I love the broom! WHAT A MODERN MARVEL!! haha!
    And I completely agree there should be a sarcasm font!!
    What a patient dog you have! I can't imagine mine being so nice... to a CAT of all things! So funny!

  6. I still totally need a broom that cleans the kitchen itself. Of course then I'd have no use for teh children...

    And yes, we TOTALLY need a sarcasm font!!