Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday Five

1. Are you a morning or a night person?

I am totally a night person. You are lucky if you come in and wake me in your morning person, chipper voice and I don't punch you in the throat.

2. You’re having dinner with friends. They all start gossiping about another friend of yours. What do you do?

I listen and then confirm or deny based on what I know. If I don't know, I end up asking the friend later to see what's up.

3. What is the worst job you've ever had?

I was a cook at the Sonic Drive-In for one whole month. I hated that place. (My co-workers were great!) They would hose down and wash the floor while people were standing there doing their jobs! My feet would get soaking wet. I got grease burns every shift. We had to reach into the hot water the weiners were kept hot in WITH OUR FINGERS because they didn't have any tongs. And, I was told not to touch the pop machine and the ice machine at the same time because it would electrocute me. Great.

4. What magazines do you subscribe to?

I recently subscribed to Entertainment Weekly, Country Living (both of those purchased with Coca-Cola points), Good Housekeeping and Redbook ($5.00 a year each, on special). I want Reader's Digest, but I need a cheaper price.

5. What is your favorite restaurant in your area?

Describe "area". In town? The Dairy Queen. Within 30 miles? The Green Mill has a Blaze Burger that makes my eyes sweat, but The Dairy Freeze has the best soft serve chocolate ice cream I have ever had. Ever. Within 45 miles? Mineral City has a most tasty Coconut Chicken Salad. Nom, nom.

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