Friday, July 22, 2011

Time, time, time

This summer has flown past!

It started out a little slow, but then it gained huge momentum.

The Boy is now officially a Boy Scout and, boy, are those guys busy. Meetings every week, camping, food. A bunch of them just got back from hiking in the Black Hills and on Sunday, a different set of them (The Boy included) are heading up north for a week-long camp. This will be his first parentless Scout camp. We bought a nifty new Coleman cot and I now get to pack and pack and pack everything up for the trip.

Last week, he was at church camp and Shorty was away at Army camp for the past month. They are now both home and we are still trying to get caught up on the laundry!

Yesterday, I chaperoned the school band to the amusement park. It was fun, but it is hard because I like the roller coasters and big thrill rides and The Boy likes the smaller, less thrilling rides that go round and round. I can't do round and round. I ended up not riding much just so we could spend more time letting him ride the things he wanted. Oh well, I guess that is what parents do for their chirrun.

I have to finish writing a grant, work on a video presentation for a memorial service and get a package in the mail today. Boring, but needs to be done. That will free me up next week to party like a rock star!



  1. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Write a grant?? Work on a video presentation?? Are you back at work? I was reminded about Girl Scouts this week. I've got to go check that out. I completely forgot she might be old enough to get started with this adventure. Sounds like it's keeping all of you guys busy! From Survivor Buddy.

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