Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bloggity, blog, blog

(This is where I would normally insert some excuse(s) for not blogging since October, but phfft.)

Winter is finally upon us. We lucked out at not having any major snow since November-ish. Of course, that meant a brown Christmas. Sad face.

Have I mentioned I got a part-time jay-oh-bee? Yep. I went back to work. Marketing Coordinator. I'm the department head of a department of one. I'm a good boss. I should give myself a raise.

Since I have all of this fun money now, I've been eyeballing a new-ish car. I love my Pacifica. It runs fine and looks great, but I think it is time. I had my Shadow for six years, my Stratus for eight years and my Pacifica for six years. This is what I took for a test drive...

I love it, but the salesman BSed us with a list of things their mechanic guy found wrong with my trade in. Our mechanic took that list, checked my car and said that the majority of the stuff on the list wasn't bad enough to worry about, a couple of lines that were "wet" were totally "dry", and to fix everything would run about $1,300. I asked if it were his car, what would he fix. He said the only two things that needed fixing and we figured it would be less than $600 to get it ready to sell. We are taking it in next week and then putting it up for sale. We had it detailed a couple of weeks ago and it looks suh-weet! So, we will see.

No other great changes have been happening. The Boy is doing pretty awesome with his piano and school. Shorty started his first Senior year at State University. (He has to go five years with his major.) The Commander is going to community college again. He is loving his GI money. Tall Dog is good. Short Dog is still having allergy problems. We switched to no-grain, no-meat (just fish and veggies) food, but he is still licking like crazy. Cat is still nutso.

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