Monday, April 16, 2012

The Gall!

Well, I've seem to acquired an internal pouch of gall stones. How fun is that?

I've been having a dull ache in my abdomen for about a month and decided that it would probably be in my best interest to get it checked out.

(I can't imbed the video I wanted to put here, but it is of Ah-nuld saying, "It's not a toomah! It's not a toomah. At all.")

The nice lady did the ultrasound on my guts, but wouldn't print off a copy of my gall bladder to share with you. Boo to the nice lady!

I spoke with the doctor a couple of days later (both of us were on cell phones and I only had one bar of service so the conversation was a bit iffy) and I caught words like "Accute", "Multiple", "Stones", "Surgeon", and "Schedule".

I was thrilled it wasn't a toomah, but not too happy that the word "surgeon" was involved.

I dialed up the old intrawebs and searched my insurance site to make sure ye olde surgeon was in network. Aaaaaaaaand of course not. I called the insurance and the lady there searched and searched and sure enough, not in the network. I called my doctor's nurse to let her know and she sounded more shocked than I was. I am waiting to hear back from a friend of mine whose wife is a surgery nurse at the place that is in my network. I'm hoping she has a recommendation or two of who I could use since I don't know anything about the doctors in that facility.

So while I wait, I'm entertaining my gall bladder to the best of my ability. I took it to St. Paul, Minnesota this weekend for the Women's State Bowling Tournament. I let it enjoy a couple of Blood Orange Margaritas (Don Julio Blanco tequila, sweet blood orange puree and Cointreau; topped with sweet and sour) and a warm cheese sampler plate (Grilled baguette served with warmed brie, gorgonzola and goat cheese; paired with roasted garlic, basil oil and boozy cherries). Nothing but the best for my innards! We played a round of Yahtzee with six other ladies (I don't know how many other gall bladders were involved in the game).

I'll keep updating here to let you know what my gall bladder has been up to until it is time to part ways with it.

Total absence of humor renders life impossible. - Colette (1873 - 1954), Chance Acquaintances, 1952


  1. Had mine out in 2000. Let me know if you want some advice on pre and post surgery.

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