Monday, November 27, 2006


Springs, that is.

I loaded up the boys and took a short vacay to Eureka Springs, Arkansas this past weekend.

We went to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge and saw some cuties...

And a not-so-cutie.

This is what can happen when you breed a brother and sister. It was car wreckish. You didn't really want to look, but you just couldn't help it. His brother is very crosseyed, but this guy had other problems as well. He couldn't really controling his front right paw when he walked. It was sad.

We went and saw the Christ of The Ozarks. I felt bad cause I every time I looked at it I wanted to yell, "It was THIS big!"

We came back later that night for "Beyond Dickens". The boys rolled down the hill and Matt wound up with a mouthful of leaves.

He seemed no worse for the wear. He was seen dancin' with the ladies later on.

Hanging with the Bethlehemites and their livestock.

Chris and Katie.

They had a display of 100 Nativity Scenes from around the world. Oddly enough (or if you know me, not oddly at all) I liked this one best. It was bottles covered in foil and painted green. Cool.

This sign was very funny to me, but I have no caption for the photo.

When the "tax collector" asked us for our taxes (tokens we got when we bought the tickets) and our names to put on the tax roll, I told him, "Regina". I finally got to use my fake name!!! Woot! Thanks Pheobe.

I didn't even think about using Anastasia Beaverhausen.


  1. Oooh! I loves me that donkey! (Hey, better than the jackass I live with!)

    And what's up with the tiger? Does it have some sort of Down's Syndrome affliction? Damned inbreeding. Tigers are gorgeous creatures.

  2. I will never be able to look at that statue the same way again.