Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dear Murphy

Stop it already! Seriously!

A Very Peeved Me


Remember the cool crowns I have on my teeth?

Let me show you them...

Mr. Smiley Face there on the bottom? He is no longer smiling. As a matter of fact, he just no longer is. At all.

Yesterday I was enjoying the meal the German Club was selling - a brat, hot potato salad, and apple strudel. The strudel was delish, but for some reason, one bite was crunchy. Uh oh. My tongue started poking around in my mouth until it felt the broken tooth. Crapola! As I was walking back to my office, I kept thinking, "Is that my crown? I hope not!" One look in the mirror and guess what? It was my crown. The crown that made my dentist stomp his foot on the floor and exclaim, "I will not put a smiley face on your tooth!"

Feel free to guess what will be on the new crown!


So, Mr. Murphy and your damn law, today I got a temporary crown and the paid off credit card got a big hit. So...


  1. Maximum bummerage! Did Dr. J do those? I can just imagine him refusing to put the smiley face on.

  2. Sheesh! Get a big hiney picture (like Homer) put on the next time.