Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Product Review

The folks at Froose teamed up with Mom Central to get some feedback on their products. I volunteered our family to be Taste Testers.

Here's our take on Froose. First, a little about the product...

Each serving of Froose® contains:

* Whole organic grains and fruit
* Complex carbohydrates energy
* Good source of fiber - 3 grams (soluble & insoluble)
* Naturally low in sugar
* Organic rice syrup, a complex carbohydrate (which means no sugar highs and no empty calories.)
* Whole organic brown rice
* Wheat and gluten free
* Pasteurized
* Kosher Certified
* Unique whole food innovation
* Made with organic ingredients

The Taste Testers...

The Commander
The Boy

First up - Perfect Pear

Me - It has the consistency of nectar. (Which I can't stand.)
The Commander - It is bitter.
The Boy - It tastes like real pears, but not like juice.

The Verdict - No thanks.

Next - Playful Peach

Me - Ugh.
The Commander - ::: Nose Wrinkles :::
The Boy - It tastes okay at first, but then it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

The Verdict - No Thanks.

Lastly - Cheerful Cherry

Me - Hmmmmmm. Not too bad. I can't stand artificial cherry flavor. If I inadvertently pop a cherry Jolly Rancher into my mouth, it will shoot out with much more force than it went in. Cheerful Cherry does not have a fake cherry taste! It also doesn't have that nectar thickness to it like the other two or the graininess (from the rice flour I'm guessing).
The Commander - Refuses to participate any further.
The Boy - Well, if it is the only thing to drink, I will drink it, but I wouldn't want it as a snack.

Verdict - I was the only flavor I finished.

I would recommend at least giving Froose a try. Your kids may not be as picky as my kid. Let me know if you do.


  1. Stacie Jo10:30 PM

    I needed this laugh. Granted sparked my interest since I have picky eater and drinker boy at my house..hehe

  2. LOL! Did you see our review? We had the same verdict for the most part. "Too grainy." Cherry was also the only one we liked (well, the lesser of three evils.)

    I really hate to give a bad review (for fear that they won't ask "my kind" to review stuff anymore! LOL!) but hey - I tells it like it is.

  3. Oh lord, that was me up above. Krysia is my Polish name. I seriously have to keep a better check on my various "identities." LOL!