Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good Stuff, Maynard

(The following is an unpaid product review. Although, if World Harbor, Inc. felt the need to reimburse me with, say a case or two of their products, I wouldn't turn it down. I'm just sayin')

Have you girls tried World Harbors Buccaneer Blend BBQ Sauce? Well, you should. It is *so* good.

Recently, I snuck some of their Apple Maple sauce on some steaks The Commander was grilling. Now if you know The Commander, you would know that his is severely adverse to fruit any where near meat (Are you listening Ursula?), but he liked it! As a matter of fact, I bought him some New York Strip Steaks for supper tonight and he asked for the sauce!

The Apple Maple sauce smells exactly like Bloody Mary Mix. (Um, or so I've heard.) But it doesn't taste like it (If I knew what it tasted like, that is.) (Heheheheh) It has a little bit of apple taste. Just a bit, not overpowering. The Boy even liked it!

Anywho...go get some and try it. This bottle is almost empty, but I have a bottle of Honey Mango in the coat closet pantry waiting its turn.

1 comment:

  1. Ursula3:13 PM

    He's a smart man that Commander of yours. :)
    Apple maple that smells like bloody mary? Hmm... I'd be ok with bloody mary sauce but not apple maple. I know, I know - I have issues.