Sunday, August 17, 2008

Almost three months

and still no sign.

Missing, presumed forever.

One set of red Wearever pots and pans (Except for the smallest pan. Somehow it made it.) (And I can't find any more red ones anywhere!) (Why couldn't it have been the orange Rachel Ray set that I really should have spent my money on another set of Wearevers for?) (Did that make sense?)
One four-slice toaster (With frozen food button.)
One fairly new lid holder for pots and pans.
One awesome red cutting board.
One rolling pin.

There may be more, but these are the things that I use most. We have pulled out every moving box we have left, dug through them and still nothing. We have no idea where they are. The house was totally empty when we left. The Commander said the storage units were empty when he finished up down there. The moving truck was empty when we returned it.




  1. You've heard about the little green monster that eats socks.....

  2. Survivor Buddy3:51 PM

    Hey, did you check at your mom's? I remember you stopped by there a couple of times on your way up north. Maybe they got pulled out of you vehicle there by mistake???

  3. Ooooh, a mystery!