Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I'm officially an Iowa Housewife.

Sweet corn time here in Iowa. We have been getting it from roadside stands for a couple of months. You have to be careful and not buy too early. They charge and arm and a leg for the first couple of weeks. I saw some for $7.00 a dozen and passed on them. The most I have paid has been $5.00 for 13 ears (the ones below and the most delicious) down to $3.50 for a dozen (they weren't too shabby either).

Yesterday, I bought $20.00 worth and ended up with 55 ears of corn. We ate six last night and I set six aside for tonight. The rest I put up.

Here I go!


Token artsy shot.

Most of the worms were at the top of the silks, but this little fella had dug down deep.

Boil them up for a bit.

Quick ice bath to blanch.


Scrape, scrape, scrape. I bought a tool to use, but it was worthless.

Ta-dah! I got nine bags of two cups each and two bags with six ears each. That should last for a month, right?

Now, who's coming to clean up the mess?

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