Thursday, November 19, 2009


Martha Stewart said about Rachael Ray, "She's more of an entertainer with a bubbly personality than she is a teacher like me." Another reason I can't stand that woman. I can honestly say I have made more RR recipes than I have MS's.

Diane Sawyer added after the interview aired, "Can I say something? Rachael Ray? You cook for me anytime."

I got a free subscription to MS's "Everyday Food" magazine (Rachael Ray's magazine is called "Everyday with Rachael Ray".) and let me tell you, I have yet to find one so-called "Everyday" recipe in there. I've never even heard of some of the ingredients.



The first full recipe The Boy cooked was a RR recipe for Mega Meatball Pizza. It was so easy! And good!

(And I have photos! Somewhere!)


  1. I agree. MS is just a big-headed girl who thinks she's all that. She denies her "hick" roots and has to have airs about her. Whatevs... Rachel Ray is more of a "foodie" than a "chef" (which she openly admits), but isn't everyone a foodie before they decide to go to cooking schools to become a bonafide chef?

    MS - she does the craziest shit. Not everyone has dinner parties. Even if I did, I'd pick a RR recipe over hers any day of the week.

    (Honestly MS reminds me a lot of Bob Villa - takes credit for the hard work that all their staff does...and makes it seems like it's their own creation/idea/hard work. I simply cannot get behind that. At least RR gives props where props belong.)

  2. I do not like MS at all. I have never found one thing of hers that I couldn't do in a simpler way. RR on the other hand is one of us who was in the right place at the right time. I heart RR (and so does my Dad. RR is his girlfriend!)