Friday, August 27, 2010

Murphy went with us.

Yesterday was a doozie.

It started out okay. The Boy and I were making pancakes into odd shapes and I attempted to make the number ten (for his age). I ended up with a legless turkey.

Then, we got in the car and headed north to get a replacement lens for my glasses. (I was cleaning them one day and TINK! a small chunk broke off right next to my earpiece. Luckily, there is a one year warranty and so they ordered a new lens for me.)

I got my glasses at a small department store's eyecare place. I really like the store. It is kinda like K-Mart's more sophisticated older sister.

Anywho...The lady put my new lens in and I walked back to the toys to fetch the boy. We wandered toward the front of the store and I noticed I already had something on my new lens. I took my glasses of to check and there was a crack in the lens!

I went back to the eyecare place and let the lady have a look-see. We both agreed that it wasn't in the lens when she put it in, but it sure was there now.

I asked her to put the other lens back in since the piece that was missing didn't interfere with my vision, but the new crack sure did.

We got back into the car and headed to sprawlmart for another gallon of paint for the deck.

Wouldn't you know it? Dutch Boy is not longer making the accent base. How special is that? The paint manager told me a different store had three gallons left and if went to that store (An hour and a half from where I was.), and couldn't get any, come back and they would try to match as close as they could and if I bought a gallon, they wouldgive me a gallon for free to make up for the gallon we used. While that was nice and all, we really don't want to repaint what we have painted. We are headed down to Ames tomorrow so maybe we can look at the store there.

In case you are wondering why we are going to Ames? We are going to visit that tall boy in the above photo and wish him a happy 20th birthday! And take him presents! And food! And buy him supper! (Red Lobster hates to see him on All You Can Eat Shrimp Night.)

Let us take a moment to remember him when...

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