Monday, January 09, 2006

Christmas Break Photos

You know you wanted to see'em...

My boys.

Me and Dave

Talking guy stuff.

Me and my shadow. Right after he pegged me in the back with a clump of salt.


Our family's Christmas Eve lunch. Free hotdogs and hamburgers from Barnett Harley-Davidson eaten on the tailgate. Go us! (Notice no potato chips? I sure did. Cheapskates.)

I can see our house from here! It is the brown one. Oh, wait, THEY ARE ALL BROWN!

Look! Me and my bike. I got to sit on it. I got to ride it 50 yards. Notice the lack of chrome. Let's keep it that way, Dave.

Matt up high.

The Fam Damily.

Chris up high.

A boy happy to see his dad.

All systems go.

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  1. What cool pictures! You are surrounded by many handsome men..
    lucky lady!