Sunday, January 22, 2006

Don't drink after me.

I take my own blanket to the doctor's office on Friday. I crawl up on the examination table to wait. I have a light misting of sweat on my brow. I lay back and put my arm over my eyes to block the light. I get chilly so I fluff the blanket out to cover up. I get warm again so I get down off the table and sit on one of the (uncomfortable)chairs. I put my elbows on my thighs and hang my head. Once again I pull the blanket around me.

The doctor enters and immediately lays his palm on my cheek. "You're hot. Let me go get the thermometer."
"Yeah, and my normal is 97.4"
He looks at my throat and says, "You're sick. What can I get you?"
"A babysitter."
We laugh.

As he is writing *another* script for antibiotics, (This time I tricked him. No piddly sinus infection this time! No sirree Bob. Strep throat. Woot! I feel twelve again.)he says, "You're burning hot."
"Thanks" I say, tossing my shoulder length, Nutrisse Garnier Chocolate Peanut Butter hair.
We laugh again.

I did sneak out of the house on Saturday to the school carnival. $20 for the game/food tickets and the boy a school shirt.

$5.00 for last minute raffle tickets. Good call. I walked off with a long-sleeved orange OSU t-shirt and a gift bag with a cup, pencil, rubbber bracelet, key chain, and a $20 gift certificate to my choice of three restaurants and/or their clothing store. I'm thinking some tomato soup, an order of cheese toast, and a shirt off of the clearance rack. Yeah baby.

Feeling lucky, I head to Hobby Lobby to grab some more yarn and woot! more luck - half off all knitting supplies and the store brand yarn. I ended up getting two more sizes of the looms I have been using HALF OFF! Crazy me. I made four more scarfs this weekend. I'm addicted. I even kept setting down my book I have been reading to make a scarf. Weird. I don't really need a crap-load of scarves but I can't help myself. Anyone want a scarf? $20. Same as in town.

I did take a pause to make a pillow out of a Taco Bell t-shirt my mom had. Yo quiero Taco Bell.

I should get sick more often...


  1. I'd love to see pics of your stuff - the Taco Bell t-shirt, too!

    I hope you feel better soon! Strep sucks. (Only when I got it when I was little, it was an automatic shot in the ass. No monkeying around with those damn pills. Ugh.)

  2. Get well soon, cuz....

  3. HOLY COW! When I'm sick, I try to stay in bed and veg in front of the tv! You're amazing!

  4. Feel better girl. And stick to bed til you feel better. Seriously. If you can. ;)