Friday, January 06, 2006

More Tabby photos

I got Tabby when she was three months old. I miss her so much.

The vet called just when I was heading out about 3pm to get the boys to leave for El Paso on the 21st and I had to make the decision right then to have her put down. It was very hard. I did get to go see her that morning and spend some time alone with her. It was weird because she didn't seem sick, but I knew that she was. She had gone from my fat cat of 15+ pounds six months ago to a whopping 6.4 pounds. It was like petting bones. We don't do anything halfway in my family. She had Chylothorax.


Say "Cheese!"...or not.

She loved being under/behind the couch. Or in a bag or a suitcase.

She put up with my crap. A lot.


  1. Kelli in OKC1:11 PM

    I love the last picture. It's amazing how much she looks like my cat, Boo. And has about the same temperment. :)

  2. Those are precious pictures. I also have a cat named Tabby..
    Praying solace for your family.. knowing Tabby Cat will be waiting for you over the Rainbow Bridge.