Friday, December 15, 2006

Filth and Foul

I went to Sprawl-Mart the other day to get Christmas presents. (I go to Sprawl-Mart about once every three months or so because there are some things you can only get there and because we have no Target (bastards). We are getting a second Sprawl-Mart because we have enough white trash in this town to support two of them, but yet, no Target.) Anywho...I get home and filthandfoulandfithandfoul, I forgot the main present I went for. And I am not going back.

Luckily, a kind co-worker took pity on me and went to Sprawl-Mart on his lunch hour the next day and bought the present. That's it. He didn't go there because he needed anything. He went because I needed something. How awesome is he?

To pay him back, I wrapped some of his presents for him. I wouldn't let him stay in the room while I did it because he is a little *cough*anal*caugh* about things. How awesome am I?


  1. you must have been are not your mother's daughter..either that or she got all the wallyworld genes.....

  2. This is a great arrangement. I would gladly swap some of my shopping to wrap some gifts. But I'm also *cough*anal*cough about getting everything "just right"... so I don't think anyone would pair up with me. Anyway - here's to another great year. Happy Christmas!