Friday, December 01, 2006


Mother Nature stopped by yesterday and stayed awhile.

We wound up with 13 inches of snow.

Three of Oklahoma's turnpikes and parts of Interstate 40 were closed. There were hundreds of tractor trailers stranded along I-35 in OKC because they couldn't get on the Turner turnpike. Will Rogers Airport LOST POWER last night. Crazyness.

Temp: 6
Wind Chill: -2
Tossing dog biscuits in the snow purely for your own entertainment: priceless

So, here we are at 10am of "No School - Day Two". (Luckily, my work closed down as well. They kept running the crawl saying we were supposed to go in at 9am this morning. Bull to the sh*t. Finally they decided to close. Good call.) I have managed to get all of the laundry caught up. Now I'll tackle the dishes. Good times. I sent my Blockbuster movies back two days ago so I have nothing to watch! I did manage to find some books I haven't read yet. I'm not looking forward to endless games of Trouble, Sorry, Go Fish, and Candy Land. Maybe I'll teach him to play poker.


  1. Love the pictures of the pooch! Mine both refused to go out this morning. Fun times!

  2. Watching Jarrett get stuck and call for help was great. Our snow drifts were huge...tall as him. We destroyed the backyard today though. Didn't get stuck but kept falling It was great.