Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hello there. Have we met?

Aaarrrggghhh! The pain. Abdominal muscles? Who knew I had them? Triceps? Vaguely familiar.

The ice, she is a cruel woman. Chop, chop, hack, hack, shovel, shovel. Repeat. Repeatedly.

I haven't fell on my buttocks (yet). I have been wearing my Yaktrax like crazy. Matt used them the other day when the boys* were sledding (In our front yard! I have video I will try to post.) and then tried to borrow them. I. Think. Not. I gave him some money and he went and got the last pair at the Summit.

*I snuck out later when no one was around and tried some sledding myself. I don't belly flop as well as I used to. And? I almost hit a pecan tree. I managed to turn sideways and roll off enough to drag my shin and kneecap to stop me. I don't recommend that procedure.

Up to 14" of snow projected for this weekend. On top of the 3"+ of ice still sitting. Yuck. The kids haven't had school at all this week and next week isn't looking too good either.

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