Thursday, January 04, 2007

Kermit Drive Update

(Actually, Cursing Mama, it is on Avenue A, but I'm going with Kermit Drive 'cause you crack me up too.)

Well, our offer was accepted contingent on the house inspection and financing.

Sad news though. The owner gave the shuffle board table away. I almost told the agent to take back the offer! Seriously, don't let people look at the house and then give stuff away. Sheesh. Those things aren't cheap.

So I'll be closer to the Mall of America and Jake's Pizza. Woo and then Hoo!

But I'll be farther away from my friends and family. Boo and then hoo.

I guess I still have 18 months or so to say adieu to you and you and you.

BTW, any one skilled in interior design?

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