Thursday, May 24, 2007

Many A Mile

Here's what I wrote last Sunday...

Good morning, good morning, it’s time to rise and shine!

Wow, three in the morning comes way too early. Who scheduled me on a 6:30am flight anyway? Oh, that was me.

I’m flying (as we speak!) in first class. Yeah, baby. First class. This is the first, and probably the last, time I have flown first class. So far, not much different from coach except I am on my 2nd free Bloody Mary and it is only 7:15 in the morning. Plus, I’m watching Trailer Park Boys on my laptop, so life is pretty good right now.

One thing I don’t like about first class is that once you get situated with your first Bloody Mary, all of the lowly coach passengers are boarding and staring, either with contempt or with envy, at your Bloody Mary. They should have a second door for boarding so those coach passengers can’t judge us first classers with our free drinks.

Anywho, the Commander’s surgery has been moved to Tuesday so we have an extra day together without the neck brace.

His co-workers are wanting to take me to Landry’s Seafood House for lunch tomorrow. I can’t stand seafood. It stinks and it tastes bad. But evidently, they have a huge Bananas Foster that they all want me to have. Well, okay. I don’t want to disappoint the co-workers.

I also have an appointment (!) with the Commander’s boss tomorrow at 2:00pm. I’ll try to keep it to a two-martini lunch so I don’t embarrass myself.

I’m now on my next leg of my trip after a quick stop at the Houston Mall airport. That place has everything: Brookstone, Museum of Modern Art store, a Houston Space Center store, Swatch, etc. I didn’t have enough time to cruise Brookstone, but I did make it into the MOMA store and the Space Center store. And I grabbed some cinnamon sugar pretzel sticks from Auntie Anne’s.

Of course Bloody Marys don’t go well with cinnamon pretzel sticks so when the flight attendant asked what I wanted to drink and I told her milk, she repeated it twice – Milk? Milk? She looked at me like I had ordered an M-16 and a couple of hookers. The male attendant laughed and said she probably expected me to order something a little stronger. (I guess they have a lot of drunks in first class.) He also told me that milk wasn’t the strangest request they had. Once a man asked them if they had strawberry milk.

Anywho...a lot has happend since Sunday - a margarita and a Mai Tai just to mention a couple.

The Commander's surgery went okay and we are halfway home (The Amarillo Holiday Inn Express). We got behind a cattle truck this afternoon and the front of the Element is now covered in bovine excrement.

I mentally wrote a bunch of blog entries these past few days, but I didn't have a chance to get internet access with all of the hospital going to and from, emptying out the fridge, washing clothes and packing (and drinking). So as my CRAFT brain remembers things, I will try to post them here for your entertainment.

For instance, things like this following conversation I had in the hospital's dining facility while in line for breakfast:

Army Guy in line in front of me - Bean and egg?
Me - Did you just say "bean and egg"?
AG - Yeah, bean and egg burritos. This ain't no Taco Cabana.

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