Thursday, May 03, 2007


Here are some better photos of Matt and Trucky.

Ignore the overgrown grass.

This photo has all THREE! of Matt's vehicles in it. Hopefully we will be selling the car that is directly in front of Trucky.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

We like the cars. The cars that go BOOM.

He hasn't been allowed to have passengers (except for Christopher). He asked me if it would be okay to start having just one. I told him I wanted him to read this first.

"If Everyone"

If everyone who drives a car, would lie a month in bed,

With broken bones, and stitched up wounds, or fractures of the head,

And there endure the agonies that many people do,

They’d never need preach safety anymore to me and you.

If everyone could meet the wife and children left behind,

And step into the darkened home where once the sunlight shined,

To look upon the vacant chair, where Daddy used to sit,

I’m sure some reckless drivers would be forced to think a bit.

If everyone who takes the wheel, would say a little prayer,

And keep in mind those in the car depending on his care,

And make a vow and pledge himself to never take a chance,

A great crusade for safety would suddenly advance.

-----Author Unknown

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  1. Stacie10:47 PM

    Talk about proud smile..hehe.