Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm graceful dontcha know

I injured my self at lunch today. (Yeah, I know.)

I had a sloppy sandwich on a croissant. I knew it would slide all over the place when I took a bite so I left the toothpick in to keep it together.

Not a good idea.

I went to take a bite on the side, away from the toothpick, and much to my surprise, the toothpick was put in at an angle. I poked my face just below my bottom lip.

I went ahead and removed the toothpick from the sandwich and then realized I hadn't just poked myself, I pierced myself. There was blood involved. Yummy.


I made a batch of Old Dutch Caramel Corn last night and while I was digging out the ingredients, I noticed a had some bananas on the cusp. I decided to go ahead while I was in cooking mode to make some banana nut muffins. But I couldn't find the nuts. Figures. So I moved on to banana spice muffins. But I didn't have ground cloves. Hmmmmmm. What to do? How about Pumpkin Pie Spice? I had to guess on the amount, but they turned out pretty well.

Speaking of cooking...

Omelets in a bag.

Crazily good.

(That's Miss B peeking over the counter back there.)

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  1. Owch! Y'know if you wanted a pierced lip, there are other ways to go about it. *snort*

    Omelets in a bag? I sure hope they look better after they're out of the bag. (I'm sure they're just yummy though. I've got a thing for raw egg. Bleugh.)