Thursday, October 25, 2007

Catching up (with photos)

My new obsession. Purchased on the 10th, gone by the 20th. It's a disease. At one point I actually said, "Damn you Paul Newman and your charity."

Cooper says the red-eye-pre-flash is too bright.

The Commander came home on leave and took the boys to Iowa for Fall Break. (Shorty got offered a full 4-year scholarship from the Iowa State ROTC. Woot!) I had four days to myself. I did some crafting. These are those flat-bottomed marbles and magnets thingies. The top row have been given away.

We had some hail.

This guy was on HGTV. WTH?

This is Rocket.

This is Rocket from the side.

This is one of our Cory Cats. I think she may be "with child". Or else she's just a big eater.

I have a new post up over at My Kids Are Pigs.


  1. Peach? Is that any good? My boyfriend loves newman's salsa.

  2. Cory may have eaten a rock or something. Yikes that's a chubbeh cory!

    I just want to snorgle Cooper.