Sunday, December 16, 2007

Update on the Commander.

The Commander is finally done with Ft. Bliss! He came home last Thursday night, but this morning he headed out to Camp Robinson. Boo. Hiss. Luckily, he will only be there until Thursday or Friday. Then he should be home FOR GOOD!

People have asked if he is getting out of the Army once he gets home. I don't really know. More than two years ago he told me he was retiring as soon as he had completed the assignment he had then. But nooooo. He ended up applying for the Command position of a Unit in Kansas and got it. That's when my troubles began. Army Strong. One Team, One Fight. Hooah. Etc.

I think he is waiting to see if he gets promoted to Colonel this Spring. If he does (cha-ching), he probably will stay in a little while longer. If he doesn't get promoted, he will probably retire sometime next year.

I will tell you these past two years have been really hard on me. I went on anti-depressants when he first left. Once I got over the hump of him being gone, I went off of them, but when they told him he would be staying another year, the depression came back. It wasn't as bad as it previously was and I managed to muddle through it without chemicals. There were days though, like today, I was thanking the nice folks who invented Miller Chill.

I was also very dissapointed in my church family. (The church you just joined, BGirl.)

I had one couple, just one, volunteer to come to my house and help me out. He offered to help mow (I mow about five acres) and she offered to come and help however she could. She even specifically said laundry! I never took them up on the offer because they live about 20-30 minutes away and I felt bad about them coming from so far to help. But no one else offered anything. They would all make noises asking about him or even how I was doing, but that was it. Empty gestures.

The Commander had to go to Kuwait for a meeting. He was only gone about a week, but it was nerve racking. My Pastor asked me one day how I was doing. I told him the Commander was in Kuwait and I was a nervous wreck. His answer? "That sounds nice." WTH? THAT SOUNDS NICE? My husband is in Kuwait, I am a nervous wreck and THAT SOUNDS NICE? Please.

People kept coming up to me almost every Sunday and saying, "I thought you moved to Texas." Then once when the Commander had come home on leave we had went to chuch. While we were getting ready to leave, I heard the Pastor ask the Commander, "So, did Sherry move down to Texas with you?" WHAT? I'm here every stinking week. I teach Sunday School. I go to Wednesday at the Well. What do you mean DID I MOVE?

So that was it. I rarely go to church anymore. I still go and teach Sunday School when needed, but I find if difficult to mingle with people who really don't give a flying fig. When the Commander makes it home, I will probably go more often, but I'll see.

Am I being petty?

My friend/co-worker, V, used to come mow for me, but he got a girlfriend and I ceased to exist after 5:00pm. My friend, L, came over and mowed some. Thank you both so much.

Our friends, R & D, would have us over for supper and The Amazing Race or Survivor every week. That was much needed as well.

Now I'm getting down off of my soapbox. Thanks for listening.


The Boy squeezed in between my chair and the wall a little while ago and rested his cheek on the wall.

Me - What are you doing?
Him - I really do not know.



  1. Sherry I don't know how you do it. I'm horrible about the social stuff as it is--and forget asking for help, no matter how badly I need it.

    You don't need a church like that one, which one is it anyway? Have you thought about finding another one? I've always had a hard time finding one that actually felt like a "home" you know?

    HUGS and I really hope he's home for good soon.

  2. Sherry, that's exactly why I left church and started questioning religion as a whole. If you believe, believe in your heart. You don't need someone preaching to you, telling you what to think and feel and believe.

    It's ridiculous. We had similar experiences as kids. All the people who loved my father soooo much couldn't be bothered when he had his heart attack and stroke to visit him in the hospital, or visit us when we were piss poor broke and couldn't "dress" for church. How very Christian of them.

    But if you do find a church because you want to teach and worship with other people, then I hope you find one that's a good fit.

  3. Lisan6:37 PM

    Ok, so....I **thought** the mowing was under control....I would have mowed that yard every single week just for the alone time!!! As for the church thing, you should ask Stacy B about ZL... I have been there a few times and **never** felt like I was being bombarded for committees or whatever!! Awesome church and if I were more motivated (New Years Resolution) I would go every week!!!!

    You just mark me down as the mower & be done with it.