Sunday, December 02, 2007

Cat Head Biscuits

I was talking to the Commander today about biscuits and gravy. Where he grew up, they never had biscuits and gravy (or fried okra or black eyed peas or Frito pie, but that's three whole other stories). I told him I needed to get my Granny's recipe for cat head biscuits.

Him - What?
Me - Cat head biscuits.
Him - What?
Me - You know, you squeeze off a lumps of dough about the size of a cat's head and bake them.
Him - You're nuts.

We have a small family cookbook, but the recipe wasn't in it. So, I called my mom and asked her for the recipe for cat head biscuits.

Her - What?
Me - Cat. Head. Biscuits.
Her - Where did you hear that?
Me - I remember one of you guys talking about making cat head biscuits.
Her - I've never heard of them.
Me - I didn't just pull it out of my hind-end.
Her - Well, I don't know whose hind-end you pulled it out of, but I have no idea what you are talking about.

Sigh, my family. They loves me so.

Any of you internet lovelies ever heard of cat head biscuits? Was it your hind-end I pulled it out of?


The Boy and I were movie watching fools this weekend.

We put the tree up, built a fire in the fireplace and watched The Santa Clause 3 on Friday night.

We watched Shrek 3 and Deck the Halls on Saturday.

Sunday, I got up early (Not by choice. My internal clock radio hates me.) and watched Waitress. ( Nathan Fillion is a cutiepie.) You must see this movie.

Later that evening...Hairspray! My favorite lyric? Maybelle's "Who wants a twig when you can climb the whole tree"!

To top it all off, Sunday evening I made Sarah's Mom's Chili again and Pink Stuff. This, I know my mom knows about. It is her recipe in the cookbook. Cool Whip, cottage cheese (the only way I will eat it), dry strawberry jello, bananas, and crushed pinapple. Nom, nom, nom.


  1. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Saw Waitress on the plane to Italy....LOVEd It. I agree, you must see this movie. :) Kelli in OKC

  2. hey thanks - I was actually wanting to make pink stuff for the've saved me exactly one google search.

    thank you for the photo, too!