Wednesday, December 26, 2007

After Christmas Meme


I got a Bacon Press! I knew my mom would come through for me!

I also got another LNT gift card, leopard print flannel PJs and matching slippers, and SIX (6) boxes of chocolate covered cherries. My dad, he's a giver that one.


1. What did you get for Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate)?

A Linens N Things gift cards (woo and then hoo!), Lowes gift card, bubble bath, Godiva chocolates, measuring spoons, a three tiered hanging basket thingie for the kitchen, a digital tire pressure gauge, and a jar of pickled garlic. (We haven't opened gifts from my mom and dad yet. We go over there tomorrow.) I bought myself a battery operated glitter lava lamp for $1.00 at the megamart. I love it. I also got a almost poster-sized sheet of homemade paper with flowers and stuff made into it from an artist friend of mine. The Commander and I got ourselves a sectional sofa and recliner as our gift.

2. What was your favorite gift?

I may have to go with the sheet of paper. I have been harping on him for years, years I tell you! about him giving me something he has made.

3. What was the favorite gift that you gave?

Long story. Got a minute? My aforementioned artist friend (The Artist) was jonesing over a little Snoopy magnet I had made. You know, the kind that you make out of a magnet, a picture, and a flat-bottomed clear marble? Anywho, he kept drooling over it, so I found some more Snoopy photos, made three more magnets, got a Altoids tin from The Artist (sneaky, no?), put the magnets (including the one he jones about) in it and gave it to him. He was so stinking excited about it.

4. What was your favorite decoration?

Chancho the Feliz Navidad singing donkey. (His real name is Cisco, but we call him Chancho.)

5. What was your favorite holiday food this year?

One of the ladies at work made homemade Cherry Mash that was crazy delicious. But my mom's Amish Friendship Bread was pretty tasty as well. Nom Nom Nom. Wait! She's making Granny's homemade Banana Pudding tomorrow! That's my favorite to be.

6. What was your favorite holiday candy?

The Cherry Mash mentioned above.

7. What didn't you get to this year?

A bacon press. Was it too much to ask for?

8. Did you have snow?

No, but it snowed pretty much all day today. Didn't stick though.

9. Are the holidays too much stress?


10. New Year's Resolutions - do you make them? If so, what are yours?

Eat more. Exercise less. Cuss more. Clean the house less. (That way when I break them, I don't feel so bad.)


  1. LOL!

    You've got to share with me what glue you use on those magnets. I have all the fixin's except the glue! (The craft site I followed had silicone glue listed, but I'll be damned if I can find the stuff. I'm fairly certain they don't mean silicone aquarium sealant!)

  2. WHOOT on the moms. She rocks. Pops does, too, what with the leopard pj's and slippers and all!

  3. A bacon press from mom? Life is good.