Thursday, January 31, 2008


I told him not to put the dogs in the laundry room because they chew up stuff (ie - welcome mat, washrags, rugs, etc.). Since it is snowing (heavily) here, he did what? Put them in the laundry room. Where the coat hooks are.

R.I.P. Greenie. You were a good coat.


  1. Did you put commander in with the dogs? hehe
    So when will I no longer see the name plate at SPD? Granted I haven't been in that area of it in awhile so if he's picked it up I didn't know it.

  2. I hear if you sprinkle something with exotic animal piss (for instance, tiger piss) your dogs won't mess with it.

    Does Febreeze make a tiger piss scent you can spray your coats with? Hmmm.


  3. God speed Greenie. May you hang from only the finest coat racks in coat heaven.

    P.S. Thanks for the birthday greeting Sherry. I did have a very nice day.

  4. Heeeey, what happened to my comment? (Damn, did I forget to hit "publish" again??)

    Anyway, RIP greenie. It's a really cool jacket! (Wah! Wish I had one of my own. It looks waaarm....)

    We had evil dogs that ate everything from stuffed animals to vinyl people/toys. We were floored the day one of them ate Polly Pocket and a complete outfit and she came out with a shoe on! (It wasn't on when it went in to the dog!) LOL!

    Anyway, Greenie Rocks. *sniff*