Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Problem solved...

...but not really the way I wanted it to be solved.

Remember the neighbor's dog? His name is Monty.

I haven't seen him on the porch in a couple of days. (I did see a gorgeous cat, but that is a different story.) This morning I got a couple of e-mails from a friend. Her husband is the new neighbor's realtor...

"Not sure you talk to her much, but did (neighbor) tell you about her dog? One of
her dogs got attacked and I think they had to put it down. The vet thinks a
mountain lion got it. Was it the dog that was living at your house?
Anyway, (realtor) said she's pretty upset and freaked out about it. So I thought
I'd let you know so you could keep an eye on your pups."

"I think (realtor) said it was Monty now that you say his name. Not sure where she
found him but he was still barely alive and I'm pretty sure (realtor) said they
took him to the vet med center.

The vet told her that the injuries were from something very big and they
thought it was too big to be from a coyote. Something nasty about head
injuries - and bites that were much bigger than a coyote could have made.

Anyway, I know every once in a while you hear about some farmer claiming
they saw a cougar/mountain lion/panther around here. I know they are not
common, but I think it's possible - who knows.

(Realtor) said (neighbor) was talking about writing something for the newspaper - a letter to the editor, I guess? - but something to tell people in the area to be
careful. She's pretty upset and said she was going to warn her neighbors so
I'm sure you'll hear more from her soon."

Wow. Poor Monty. He was so sweet. The last I saw of him is when I shooed him out of our front yard back into his last week sometime.

What a horrible way to go.


  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    how sad!! Poor Monty. He didn't deserve to go like that. And, I don't even know him. -- kel in okc

  2. Really? Man I can remember my dad and his family talking about panthers in the area when I was a kid but we always figured it was kind of like a ghost story. I'll definitely keep that in mind though--I know we are on opposite sides of town, but its still good to know.

    Poor Monty. :(

    That's why I'm so paranoid about keeping the dogs in the fence. Thank you again for the electric fencing. I'm not sure its still working even though Jeff changed the batteries a couple of days ago, but the dogs are still respecting the boundary so thats good.

  3. May Monty rest in peace among all the porches he wants!

    I have not heard of any large cats in Stillwater, but my parents have a "bobcat" or some kind of large cat that hangs around their land in Cushing.

  4. Sorry about Monty. My husband SAW a mountain lion/bobcat/whatever one morning while jogging ON OUR STREET (last year). He was just running toward it, thought it was a dog until he got right up on it. It was digging through some trash or something and looked up at him as he ran by and scared the s**t out of him.

    Just thought I'd share.