Friday, January 04, 2008

Cooper and The New Guy

Cooper (left) and The New Guy (right)

We finally settled on a new name for TNG. Amadeus wasn't cutting it. The Boy wanted to call him Butterscotch (Coooper's name at the pound.). We settled for Scotch.

Why did it take so long to post a photo of them?

Because this is how they normally are...

We also have a bit of a conundrum. The new neighbor lady has three or four dogs. All but one she keeps in the barn or in a fenced in area in the side yard at all times. The one she doesn't keep locked up? Has taken up residence on our front porch. His name is Monty and he is a Black Lab juvenile. He is so sweet. He sleeps on our porch furniture (luckily he hasn't torn any of the cushions up unlike the last Black Lab that lived next door). I don't think she ever puts him up. He was sleeping on the porch last night and still there when we got up this morning. Should I say something to her? Should we take his collar off and make him ours? (Like we need three dogs.) Should we stay with the status quo?


  1. I think it's worth at least a mention to her. Maybe just find out the reason why she doesn't put him up. Maybe she already considers him yours?

  2. I wouls take her a batch of cookies to break the ice and then broach the subject. Oh, I've been told that with three they entertain themselves although I have yet to test the theory.

  3. K from MN8:28 AM

    R U sure he's not a stray (not belonging to the neighbor) who has found a comfy place to sleep and some friendly people?