Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Iowa - Week One Cont.

Wednesday, June 11th, Day Six

I had a good cry today.

I cried for his* family. I cried because I miss my friends (a lot), I miss The Commander, I miss Shorty and I miss my Mom and Dad.

I'm better now. We went to the diner for dinner (lunch) and then to the library (again). The Librarian is trying to recruit me to teach Sunday School. Ha. Then we went to the big city park.

Jealous much? Isn't my life thrilling? During my bawl fest this morning, I was trying to decide if I would rather be in my situation right now or would I rather be going to work each day and seeing all of my friends. Mixed emotions right there I tell you.

*I met Scott and his wife this past February at a Dining Out with the OSU ROTC. The Commander has known Scott since he was a Cadet years ago. Scott and his wife seemed like really good people in the short amount of time I talked to them. They were smiling and laughing. Scott was talking about his deployment and I was telling his wife that I felt kind of guilty because when The Commander got mobilized, he only went to Texas and I got to see him from time to time. This was the third time (I think) that Scott had been sent overseas and his first time to Afghanistan. I couldn't imagine my husband being overseas and not knowing what was going on with him. My heart really hurts for her right now.

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