Thursday, September 04, 2008

Is it Thursday?

Our town is consolidated with the next town south. Pre-K through 3rd go to school down there. 4th-12th go here. The Boy finally gets to ride a school bus! Evidently the driver likes to yell. Not at him, but it still bothers him. He's sensitive like his mama. :)

I tend to leave the house a little early in the afternoon. (Especially now with the cool weather (65 degrees as I write this)). I park across from the school, open all of the windows in the car and read. It is nice and relaxing.

Today I will pick him up and head west. He takes piano lessons about 20 minutes from here. His teacher used to be a backup singer for Charlie Pride, Roy Clark and Dolly Parton. I still don't know how I like her as a teacher. She is real good with him and very free with her compliments, but the instruction itself leaves a little bit to be desired. Maybe because his former teacher ROCKED I am not giving the new one a fair chance. I told him he would only have to take piano until next summer and then he could take guitar lessons. He wants to play the bass guitar.

After piano, we are hitting the grocery store. This store has a meat counter. Not a deli like Sprawl Mart, but a genuine meat counter with guys in white hats. The selection of meat there is awesome. The meat case runs almost the whole width of the store. You tell one of the men in the white hats what you want, he packages it up and WALKS IT AROUND THE COUNTER AND PUTS IT IN YOUR BASKET. The first time I went there, I kept reaching up and then getting weird looks from the white hat man.

The Commander will stay at home today. He wasn't feeling good last night and this morning he woke up with a terrible sore throat. I patted him on the head and said, "Poor little bunny." I think that made him better.

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  1. Stacie Jo9:57 PM

    watch out for strep...i'm avoiding the streppers back her in cowboy country!! hehe