Friday, September 26, 2008

Four fried chickens and a coke

Do you drink coke products? Wanna help a lady out?

Since my pots and pans and my toaster are still MIA, I am needing to get new ones. I have been saving My Coke Rewards points to get some pans. The pans are no longer listed, but they have a toaster oven. I currently have 573 points, but I need a total of 2,200. If you or someone you know wants to send me the codes from your coke products, hopefully I can get the toaster oven. (Plus? It is RED!)

Bonus! I have a small, but meaningful gift I can send to the person who sends me the most points by the end of November.

Ready, set, go!


  1. Dry white toast. (sorry, couldn't resist)

  2. *snicker* Bubby's a smarty pants! (And beat me to the punch.)

    Now I wish I drank coke products so I could give you my points!

  3. Hee Hee...Actually if you'll pay the shipping, I have a toaster oven you can have...