Monday, August 17, 2009

Here's a funny for ya

Me and the youngest get dropped off by the oldest at the store with the eye doctor's office in it (not sprawlmart). The oldest then drives off to sprawlmart and points unknown. I told him we would be in there about an hour.

During my checkup, the doctor dilates my pupils LIKE THEY'VE NEVER BEEN DILATED BEFORE. I couldn't see anything clearly. I have never had that kind of reaction to dilation before. I couldn't even pick out new frames because I couldn't see any detail (Me, looking at a pair I might like - Are those rhinestones? Her - Yes. There are three of them. Me - ????)

I tell her I'll be back when I can see. I leave the office and scurry to the restroom (of course). When I come out, my phone gives me the text chirp. I CAN'T READ IT.

I hurry over to the toys where the youngest is, shove the phone in his face and say, "What does this say?"

The oldest is on his way to the auto parts store.

I fumble around and manage to text him back. We are finished. I CAN'T SEE. (This is more legible. I used no punctuation at all on the actual text.)

So what does he do?


Hello? I CAN'T SEE.

Evidently he can't either.

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