Saturday, August 29, 2009

Poor baby.

School starts Monday for the youngest boy. He's not handling it well.

He is excited about going back to school, but he is going to be in the middle school this year. (Small town consolidation, y'all. Pre-K through 3rd in one town. Fourth through 12th in another.)

He is nervous about changing classes and he has heard that you have to stay an extra 30 minutes after school for each assignment you don't turn in. We told him that we didn't think that was true. And if it was, work harder!

He has attached himself to me. He sits beside me, he stands behind me, he almost follows me into the bathroom. (Uh, no.)

He has been whining every sentence he says.

It is, quite frankly, getting on my last nerve.

But then, he says this, "Mom? I'm sorry for making you mad." Me - "When?" Him - "I'm sorry for everything I've ever done to make you mad."


He also was crying today. When I asked why he told me he misses Oklahoma and his friends. When he plays the Wii, he remembers the first time he played was at Granny's house. Sniff, sniff.

Me (to lighten the mood) - "Do you miss Mexico Joe's?"
Him (smiling) - "Yeah! And New China!"

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