Wednesday, April 14, 2010


*Do It My Own Bad Self

Saying goodbye to the 1970s a little at a time.

There are two of these in the hallway. They gots ta go.

Cough, cough, hack, hack. How much bugs, crud and popcorn ceiling spray can there be in here?

This is the point at which I left to go get a headlamp to help me see a little better. (Note: It is not very bright in a hallway with the electricity turned off.)

This is also the point where I took a potty break and switched out my jeans for a pair of shorts. Shorts with no pockets. I had to put the screws somewhere, so I put them in the First National Bank of Titty City.


One down, one to go. But I'm not doing it until The Commander can be here to hand me things I drop. And to wipe my brow with a cool, wet rag.

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