Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I was tired just hearing about it.

The oldest child is doing well at Airborne School. He passed his PT (physical training) test yesterday and this morning, he called bright and early to let us know he passed another physical test.

Him: We had a longer run this morning.

Me: How long?

Him: Just four miles.

Me: JUST?!?!

I guess some of the kids aren't making it through the physical tests and are having to leave the school. I know physical endurance is a big part of the military, but there are some people who are built for comfort, not for speed. I feel sorry for those folks because I am one of them.

Today, the ones still there get to jump off the 34 foot tower.


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  1. a conversation from the past:

    Recruiting Officer on phone: Hi! I'd like to talk to you about the opportunities available in the Air Force.

    CursingGirl: I don't run, or do push-ups. I like to sit, read, and eat chips. Sometimes I walk fast to the fridge during a commercial.

    Recruiting Officer on Phone: Thank you for your time.