Sunday, June 27, 2010

Don't let me interrupt your interruption

I'm not as forgiving as I used to be.

I used to get interrupted every now and then and I suppose I was just used to it, but lately, that nonesense has worked my nerves.

Just recently (and this happened MORE THAN ONCE! with various people, both young and old), I was talking to person "B" and out of nowhere, person "C" would start talking to "B" and then "B" would turn to "C" and totally leave me hanging.

I felt like yelling, "Hello! I was talking here!"

We teach kids (for the most part) to not interrupt and to wait until someone is finished talking before they ask a question or put their two cents in. And while many kids grasp this concept, it isn't sinking in for some and for some adults, if it did sink in, it fell out the bottom.

So what should I have done? Waiting until they were finished talking and complete what I was saying? Waiting until they were finished and refuse to continue what I was saying? Jumping in on their conversation to let them know how rude they were?

I started thinking that I was just boring people to death and they relished the interruption, but then I remembered what a brilliant personality I have and realized that wasn't the problem.

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