Monday, June 28, 2010


Did you know we went to Oklahoma and Texas for a couple of weeks? Well, we did. And I have visual proof.

We started out in Oklahoma visiting with my parents and one of my dad's sisters whom I haven't seen since I was a teenager. I had a good time with her.

I also had a mini-class reunion/get-together with some folks I haven't seen since...well...a long time ago.

Then, we headed to Texas!

Here is the hunting/fishing lodge we stayed in. It was pretty nice until the family started wandering in from their respective sleep houses. Then the AC decided that it would freeze up on us. We toughed it out for a while then headed into town to a cousin's house to swim or to shoot pool. Or both. (Not at the same time, sillies.)

This is the lane going up to another cousin's house. Her and her husband have 80 or so acres to toodle around on.

We took their off-road vehicle thingie and explored the wildlife. I miss the smell of the plants in the country.

We had to stop to take photos of this little guy (girl?).

A Texas cousin, two California cousins and I made a day of it in Lubbock. We shopped some and ate ourselves sillier at The Cracker Barrel. Chicken and Dumplins...yum.

We stopped at Sonic for a beverage on the way home and later, we had to go to Dairy Queen (Had to, I tell ya!) I had totally forgotten about the DQ Dude (Steak Sandwich). I ordered one of those and enjoyed every bite of it.

Back to Oklahoma and a quick trip over to see some friends in Stillwater. We ate lunch at Mexico Joe's. OMG, I miss those people (and that salsa and blue corn enchiladas with Sonoran sauce!)

Back at Mom's...she made me make my Granny's homemade banana pudding. I had to stir that mess for 15+ minutes! It is worth it though...

Oklahoma sent us off with a gorgeous sunset.

And Iowa welcomed us back with an also gorgeous sunset.

So I'm tired. But I'm back home where it is cool!

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  1. I want heem!!! Leezards!!!

    I"m glad you had a great time. The sunsets are gorgeous when it's a clear view.

    It's funny how regional some restaurants can be. We don't have the DQ Dude here in Buffalo. And I remember going through NM and getting chiles on my burger.

    Fun times!!