Thursday, August 17, 2006

Freaky Freaky

The Marching Band practices in front of the Stupid Onion Student Union every morning. I love marching bands.

Just now as I came out of the SU, the University's President and his Right Hand Man were leaving as well. So as I am walking back to my building, the President is on my left, the marching band is further on to the left playing the Fight Song, and just as they are ending the song, the Library Bell Tower to my right starts playing the Alma Mater.

A trifecta?


  1. Kelli in OKC10:22 AM

    You had an open shot on the man and didn't take it? wah.
    Am coming to town this afternoon....may stop in and see peeps in the building. Maybe. But that does get me close to maybe not. :)

  2. Nah. I think the General could've took me.

  3. Kelli in OKC2:45 PM

    but you had the element of surprise. Ah well. Tried to come by...but no parking to be had. My fault for coming to town the day all the kiddos were trying to move in the dorms. Not a good choice.